The nursery has the capacity to care for up to 8 children. At present it employees 5 female workers with a Mama’s heart who care for and nurture the babies. There are also nurses from our base clinic that care for the children’s medical needs. Children are referred to us by local hospitals, social welfare agencies, the police department, local churches, as well as concerned individuals in the community.


The nursery was launched in 2008 and has been a place of healing for those with the most traumatic beginnings. It exists to help at risk infants up to one year of age. The small intimate environment allows for more personal one on one care, thus giving the children the individual attention they need.


  • Infants in deathly conditions upon arrival have been miraculously restored to life.
  • Orphaned children have been adopted by Mozambican's into loving homes.
  • Even some of our Mozambican staff have fallen in love with infants in our nursery and adopted them into their homes.