Scarred by 30 years of horrific civil warfare, a war for independence from colonial powers, floods, famines, natural disasters and disease, Mozambique still ranks one of the poorest countries in the world. It is home to some of the harshest living conditions on the planet. Mozambique is a harsh beauty that both captivates the heart and devastates the mind.

In recent years the government and international organizations have worked hard to bring about a lasting peace for Mozambique and improve social infrastructure.
The Zimpeto Children’s Centre is located in the heart of Mozambique, just outside the capital city of Maputo.



  • Founded

    Iris Ministries was founded in 1995 by Rolland and Heidi Baker 3 years after the civil war had ended. The Zimpeto base was established in 1998

  • Center Population

    Residents: 243 Students: 1600 Local Employees: 140


    Zimpeto, Mozambique – 30 mins inland from the east coast of Africa


From humble beginnings as a shelter for displaced children, Iris Zimpeto currently operates as a full fledged community powerhouse that includes a local school, educational programs, an organic farm, a health clinic, local and national relief programs—and most notably, the Zimpeto Children’s Centre. The Zimpeto Children’s Centre is a temporary safe care centre providing alternative care to orphans and vulnerable children in need of emergency care and crisis intervention. The Zimpeto Children’s Center has been a leader in community support and OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) care for over fifteen years.


    Regarding education as the central pillar of furthering development, The Zimpeto Children’s Centre funds, staffs and runs a government registered primary & high school. It educates over 1,350 students with a ministry of education approved curriculum, after school programs and Zimpeto’s only school library/computer lab.


    By equipping young adults with life skills and furthering the training of local workers, the Zimpeto Children’s Centre gives back the biggest commodity stolen by poverty…power. The centre offers trade programs, computer science, English Literacy, Carpentry and Textiles.

  • Local Relief

    Sporting a local community health clinic, a nursery and vast community assistance programs, the Zimpeto Children’s Centre dramatically strengthens local infrastructure with easily accessible medical support and family assistance.

  • National Relief

    The Zimpeto Children’s Centre has battled floods, worked in overcrowded refugee camps, and rescued children from abusive situations. While never straying from its commitment to the local community, it’s the first to lend a hand to anyone in need..




  • We believe in promoting, celebrating, and upholding the rights of a child.
  • We believe that every child is entitled to develop in love and dignity.
  • We believe in the provision and protection of the Rights of the Child by protecting children from abuse, exploitation and harmful substances, by providing them with education, health care and an adequate standard of living and by encouraging their participation in listening to their views and respecting their evolving capacities.


  • We believe that family is the fundamental unit of society.
  • We believe in strengthening the family unit in order to provide the best care possible for children at risk..
  • We believe that alternative care should only be considered once all means of keeping the child with a family member have been exhausted


  • We believe in seeing children reintegrated into the care of their parents or family members.
  • We believe in helping equip families to provide a supportive, protective and caring environment for their children.
  • We believe in providing a safe and nurturing environment that delivers holistic care for children until such time when the child can be reintegrated with their family.



Our vegetable Garden serves our children’s center in two ways: empowering some of our youth by equipping them with basics agricultural skills and helping to improve the nutrition of our kids with fresh, organic and affordable vegetables....

Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic serves the dual purpose of addressing the medical needs of children living at our centre and members of the community by offering its services free of charge....

Youth Empowerment

The Zimpeto Children's Centre is passionate about empowering youth and equipping them with practical skills for their future all while ministering to them the love and heart of Jesus....

Community Assistance

Each week we send our team out to the Boccaria (local garbage dump) to minister to the poor, to the hospital to pray for healing and bring hope to the sick, to the streets to bring life to the homeless and on weekend outreaches to the...

Milk Program

The milk program is designed to provide safe nutrition for babies at risk of illness or malnutrition due to maternal health or social issues....

Reingetration Team

Iris Zimpeto is dedicated to making sure every child has a safe, caring and healthy home. Zimpeto has a team of dedicated trained workers who are very familiar with the community and committed to the best interest of a child....


The nursery has the capacity to care for up to 8 children. At present it employees 5 female workers with a Mama's heart who care for and nurture the babies. There are also nurses from our base clinic that care for the children's...


The dorms at our children’s centre provide residential care to over 200 orphans and vulnerable children living at our centre. Once a child is brought into our care, our reintegration team decides which setting at our centre will best...

Bible School

Many pastors and leaders have emerged as a result of the revival fires that have been sweeping across the nation of Mozambique. To meet this need, Iris Ministries established their first Bible School at the Zimpeto Centre....

Community Church

On Sundays mornings we hold a church service for the community. We bring busloads of people from the street and the garbage dump. We give them food and the opportunity to be blessed....